Max Aluminum Sliders:


Medium Stile Sliding Glass Door

Maximize Your View and Living Space with Unique Features

The Max Cabo 90° system redefines spatial design with its innovative approach to sliding doors. This movable door wall allows panels to effortlessly slide and pivot at a 90° angle, creating a unique and dynamic architectural element. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, the Max enhances the flow of natural light, promotes flexible space utilization, and adds a modern touch to interior and exterior settings. With its smooth and precise operation, these patio sliders offer a stylish and functional solution for those seeking a contemporary sliding door that can transform spaces and provide a seamless connection between different areas. Our Max Cabo 90° system is a statement of modern design, offering versatility and sophistication in one cutting-edge package.

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Max Cabo OX XO 90 LI

Medium stile sliding glass door

Fixed panel (OXXO) 90º left inside corner

Max Cabo OX XO 90 LO

Medium stile sliding glass door

Fixed panel (OXXO) 90º left outside corner


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