Get a quote for PRL’s Max aluminum sliders featuring Privacy Glass. These sliding door walls are proudly manufactured in-house and incorporate Pujol’s ©i-ON interlayers. They offer not only energy efficiency, sound control, and hurricane protection but also provide enhanced privacy. With a simple flip of a switch, you can effortlessly transition from a transparent to an opaque view.


Our Switch-It Glass technology allows natural light to stream through the Max doors while preventing outsiders from peering in. Available in both top-hung and bottom roller systems, these aluminum sliders are configurable in various stacking and sliding arrangements to suit your needs. Don’t wait – order your Max sliders with Privacy Glass today!


Switch-It Privacy Glass Features:


Max Aluminum Frame Finishes:

Our Max aluminum frames offer a wide variety of finishes to complement your design preferences and architectural aesthetics:

  1. Clear, Medium & Dark Bronze Anodized: These finishes provide a sleek and modern appearance with different bronze tones to suit your style.

  2. Black & White Powder Coats: Choose from classic black or pristine white powder coat options, known for their durability and timeless appeal.

  3. Kynar Paints: Our Kynar paints offer a versatile selection of colors, allowing you to match your frames to your specific design scheme with ease.

  4. Vinyl Woodgrain Films: If you desire the warm and natural look of wood, our vinyl woodgrain films provide a convincing wood-like texture and appearance, adding an element of elegance to your aluminum frame design.

Stacking & Sliding Configurations:

Our versatile Max sliders offer a range of stacking and sliding configurations to meet your specific needs and spatial requirements:

  1. One-Way Single Pocket & Single Sliders: Ideal for straightforward installations, these configurations provide efficient and space-saving solutions.

  2. Two-Way Bypass & Multi-Track Systems: For larger openings and enhanced flexibility, our two-way bypass and multi-track systems allow for smooth and simultaneous sliding of multiple panels.

  3. 90° Corner Units & Custom Layouts: Create unique and innovative designs with our 90° corner units or work with our team to develop custom layouts tailored to your project’s exact specifications.

Shop Max sliders with Privacy Glass at PRL! When you buy with us you’ll get instant discretion and more. Need to meet your MBE spend requirements? Specify with us! As a certified minority-owned supplier, we’re the right choice. Learn how.

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