Ultra-Narrow Max Sliding


Purchase Ultra-Narrow Max sliders from PRL and experience the epitome of elegance. These aluminum doors are meticulously designed with slender 1-inch vertical stiles, offering expansive glass views that redefine your space.

Our exterior moveable walls come with a wealth of customization options. Available as top-hung or bottom roller systems, you can select from a wide range of finishes, configurations, and high-performance glass types to perfectly suit your project’s needs. Max sliding doors operate with unparalleled smoothness, thanks to interlocking stiles, and the inclusion of 3-inch jumbo rollers ensures that even oversized doors move effortlessly and gracefully.


Ultra-Narrow Max Slider Specs:


  • One-Way Single & Double Pocket: Streamlined and space-efficient options for single or double pockets, optimizing your available space.

  • Multi-Panel Sliding Wall Units: Create expansive and flexible living spaces with our multi-panel sliding wall units, perfect for large openings.

  • Bi-Parting Center Doors: Elegant and functional, our bi-parting center doors offer a stylish entry solution for various applications.

  • 90˚ Corner Sliders: Craft unique and innovative designs with our 90˚ corner sliders, allowing for seamless transitions between spaces



  • Standard Finishes:

    1. Anodized Finishes: Our standard anodized finishes provide durability and a sleek appearance, available in various shades to suit your aesthetic preferences.

    2. Powder Coats: Powder coating options in our standard range offer robust protection and timeless style, with choices that include classic black and white.

    Custom Finishes:

    1. Kynar Paints: Elevate your design with our custom Kynar paints, providing a versatile palette of colors to match your specific project requirements, adding a personalized touch to your frames.

    2. Vinyl Woodgrain Films: For those seeking the warmth and charm of wood, our vinyl woodgrain films offer a convincing wood-like texture and appearance, enhancing the visual appeal of your aluminum frames while maintaining the benefits of aluminum.

High Performance Glass Types:


Clear tempered, low E & IG

Tinted & reflective Laminated sound control

Structural SentryGlas®

Max Center Locking Options:


3” lead stile w/flush lock set

1” custom stile w/flush lock set

Order PRL’s Ultra-Narrow Max sliding doors. For slim aluminum stiles and vast glass views, we’re the place to shop. Did you know? You can get PRL’s CAD, BIM and specs right from our ARCAT page! Access them now!



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